A Highly Successful Methodology

Past sales techniques and practices have created a serious aversion to both selling and being sold. There are a great number of business people that are charged with having others either buy or adopt their product, service, concept or methodology but they are less than successful because they fear/hate selling.

Many of these folks absolutely do not want to sell!  I have been in sales, sales support, sales management and executive management during my career.  I have been through many of the “traditional” sales training courses, during which I learned many different “tips and tricks” to use in a selling situation.  Back then most of them did not set well with me but it was not until 5 or 6 years ago that I was able to truly pinpoint what bothered me and what I can do about it.

Let me tell you about a class, Acquiring Business Without Selling, that I have developed to overcome the fear of selling.  The fundamentals of the class are Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Value Proposition Development and creating a safe, comfortable Buying Environment. 

A significant EQ is important as it allows you to understand how your words, emotions and actions impact others as you navigate the selling process.  It allows you to be highly aware of your own emotions such that you can recognize what you are feeling and how you can deal with those emotions. EQ allows you to “monitor” the impact you are having on your prospective buyer.

High EQ also reduces the occurrence of Amygdala (Emotional) hijacking, during which your fight or flight reflects control your response to a situation of stress. And this reaction is almost always negative.  A colleague of mine has a 6 second rule – whenever he hears something that could trigger a hijacking, he does not react for at least 6 seconds to give him time for his Prefrontal Cortex (reasoning part of the brain) to catch up and allow him to react appropriately.

Value Proposition Development is critical because it is how you think about what you do and how you portray it to others.  A great example is a Realtor, if they think and say that they help people buy and sell houses then they are seriously understating and undervaluing what they do.  However, if they think and say that they provide security, prestige, comfort and sound financial investments then people will see them in a much more positive way, and they will behave differently.

Creating a safe, comfortable Buying Environment is a much more successful way to get your prospects to want what you have.  High pressure selling is much less effective in today’s society. An appropriate buying environment is accomplished by getting to know what the current situation your Prospect is in and what is their desired state.  The Gap is their pain point and your opportunity to solve that pain. If you cannot uncover pain, you cannot make a sale. During this process your prospect often sells themselves on your solution.

This is a synopsis of a Sales Training Course offered by Northern Star Consulting.  Please contact us to schedule your highly effective sales training class or call 303.522.6650